About Off the Wall

Eyewear Emporium

This Is How Our Story Began

 A vintage velvet couch rests between wooden shelves of eyeglasses at Off The Wall Eyewear Emporium. Local art and sunglass holders with moustaches decorate the walls. The shop on Elmwood Drive opened in November 2017 with some quirky not-so-common eyewear products.


“They say that people want to be in the same group as everybody else. Everybody wants to conform. I’m like, ‘nah! That’s not true.’ There’s always a little bit of something in everybody who likes to bend the rule just a little, so I’m bringing in that option,”  owner Steve Charlebois.

The Ottawa native’s romance with eyewear started with a strange incident 25 years ago. Charlebois and his friend had walked into an eyewear store in Ottawa. Seeing his long hair and clothing, the owners thought he was planning to steal something. But a friendship developed instead.

“One day, the one guy just said, you should do this. Because I started helping out at their store, just for fun. I didn’t even get paid,” he said.

Charlebois listened. He went to optician school at Georgian College in Barrie, Ont. and worked at a lens crafter owned by Italian eyewear giant Luxottica. That brought him to the east coast, where the company closed its operations during the 2008 financial crisis.

Eventually, Charlebois and his wife ended-up in Moncton. He had found work as an instructor for Oulton College’s optician program, which he helped launch by writing the curriculum. But after a few years, Charlebois decided it was time for a change.

“I thought about going back to school and changing careers entirely, and I was like, no. I’ve planned [the shop] for 10 years,” he said.

Now three years later, they have opened a second store at 1633 Mountain Road in Moncton.  This store is likely the BIGGEST optical store in the maritimes.  With a full lab, two optical lanes and full office for eye doctors, plus a massive selection of Canadian designer glasses, this store is unique with an amazing vibe.

Off The Wall Eyewear Emporium carries retro eyeglasses by Shuron, as well as brands like Zeal, Coco & Breezy, Ronit-Furst, TopLook, The Vinyl Factory, Spectacle Eyewerks, Andy Wolf, Maui Jim, Dandy's, Rogers, Hemp Eyewear, EnChroma, and 3D Printed L-oL. The shop also sells contact lenses, sunglasses, motorcycle goggles, swimming goggles, safety glasses and provides repair, lens cutting, and lens fitting services.

This is steve and jen owners of off the wall eyewear emporium in new brunswick they love eyewear and unique not so common frames that are designed by canadians they help people see and love what they do small business that is local and family owned

Meet Our Team

this is steve charlebois optician owner of owee he has been doing this since he was in his teens loves living in the east coast of canada wiz at optical repairs and cutting lenses big time dog lover wears lots of glasses brands with progressive lenses


Owner & Optician, Contact Lens  Fitter, Repair Guy

Steve Charlebois Brings ‘Quirky, Funky Stuff’ to Moncton’s Eyewear Market..
“This is what I love. I love glasses. I love helping people”

this is jen owner of off the wall eyes does all the marketing social media print does all the accounting and buying brands researches designers loves to travel visionary making owee a destination creative glasses loves to wear handmade glasses that are one of a kind


Behind the Scenes

See those funny ads and video's?

All those great contests? Weird window displays? This is the gal that puts it all together

ween dogs are at the store off the wall eyewear finnegan violet and olive dauchunds that loves to come to owee they help you pick out eyeglasses moncton as well as some very funky specs moncton they love to be talked to and pet long haird dogs sometimes they try on the specs in moncton off the wall eyewear

Finnegan, Violet & Olive

Store Mascots

Often found on the vintage velvet couch or nibbling at your legs when you walk in. Our store mascots provides licks and cuddles while you shop. Long-hair wiener dogs.

Cayleigh is our lovely student optician from oulton college she has been working with off the wall eyewear for a year and is apprenticing under steve to learn all the tricks of the optical trade from eyeglasses repairs to spectacle lens cutting choosing frames moncton and recommending good optometrists moncton owee super brilliant


Manager / Optician

We think she is pretty darn amazing and so will you.  Genuine and brilliant at what she does. A great eye for fashion.




Fits in perfectly and takes no sass from Steve. An amazing eye for selecting frames. Honest, no holds bars attitude.  Olives 2nd Best.




Jessica is the cherry on top that compliments OWEE's vibe. Super Smart. Super Chill. A carbon copy of Steve minus the craziness. PLUS, she has a wiener dog named Mabel



Extraordinaire Stylist

A well-known NB stylist of Dowd Street Studio and Leroy Brown plus an avid fan of OWEE, we just knew she would be a perfect fit. She is the fire under ALL our butts and is amazing with helping customers.



Lab Manager

Over 20 years in the optical lab; we are lucky to have her on our team.  You will find Beth in the lab cutting lenses, tinting glasses and doing repairs.



Student Optician

Karley is in her final year of Opticianry and will be writing her provincial board exams soon to become a licensed Optician.  A lover of cars, straight-up honest and an eager desire to learn; you will find her smiling and ready to assist. 


Student OD

Taylor is studying to become an eye doctor. She is with us for the summer to learn all-things optical and how us crazy folk run OWEE.  Super intelligent and a math whiz. with the biggest smile.